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List Price:
Purple Heart: $99.00
Iron Wood: $99.00
Cocobolo: $132.00
Hickory: $60.50
White Oak: $60.50



The wooden sword is usually made from oak, maple or hickory if it is to be used in partner practice. These woods have a high degree of strength and impact resistance. Maple and hickory are especially resistant to the splintering which may occur after repeated denting of the blade in the contact with another weapon. Other, more exotic woods, such as ebony, cocobolo or blackheart are sometimes used for their density, the greater weight more closely matching the metal katana. These woods are expensive and often contain flaws which make them less suitable to use in partner practice but ideal for individual training. While the weight of the bokuto may approach that of a katana, the balance is always different. The katana, due to its metal blade and wooden handle, has a balance point much further forward than that of a bokuto.


Each sword is 45 inches long, hand crafted and hand-finished to ensure quality standards and consistency.The bokuto should be carried in a bag to protect it from sudden changes in temperature and humidity. The wood is not fully sealed by the oil finish so changes in the atmosphere may cause warping, cracking or checking (small cracks in mid-board). Never store the bokuto for a long period without support along the length, and keep it out of the sunlight. Treat it with the proper care and it will be useful for many years of hard service.



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Nov 05, 2013 by James
Rank: Beginner 

This is a formidable bokuto. I ordered mine in hickory due to the beating that wood can take and received a work of art. I almost don't want to use it as it is perfectly balanced and flawless in its dimensions and angle. The weight is as a bokuto should be and I'm looking forward to the many years of use with this beautiful piece.

Carmelo kept in contact with me and is a true gentleman, a hell of a craftsman, and a pleasure to deal with. I will be recommending this company to fellow Buyu and making future purchases of my training weapons strictly through Bujinkan Weapons.

elegance and power

Mar 13, 2013 by Anthony
Rank: Shodan (aikido) 

My ironwood bokuto is truly a fine piece of craftsmanship; the weapon is well-balanced, well-proportioned, the lines are straight and even. The weight is somewhere between a bokken and a suburito; it is substantial enough for an excellent workout. I would not hesitate to buy another such weapon from Carmelo—he does great work and is very good about staying in contact with his customers.

Purple heart Bokuto

Dec 03, 2012 by Tim S
Rank: Mukyu 

Pictures do not show the true beauty of what Carmelo does. I purchased a purple heart Bokuto and love it. I was expecting it to be heavier but it feels great. I stand just over 6' tall and I am satisfied with the full length. Until you have one in your hands its hard to see just how nice these are! Thank You

Oct 05, 2012 by Chris
Rank: Beginner 

This is not your ordinary bokuto. It's huge! Standard length is 45", and it's length and heft make it almost suburito status. I got mine in purpleheart, which came out beautifully. Very satisfied with my purchase, but make sure you get the size you want. Carmelo is obviously a highly skilled craftsman, and I've already put in my next order.

Awesome/Zombie Smasher 5000

Jan 19, 2012 by Kris Mckinney
Rank: San Dan 

I recently purchsed an Iron Wood bokuto and honeslty it's one of the best training weapons I've come across. The weight is excellent and the balance of it is nicely distributed throughout the piece. Deffinitely taking this with me in the zombie appocalypse.

5.0 5.0 5 5 This is a formidable bokuto. I ordered mine in hickory due to the beating that wood can take and received a work of art. I almost don't want to use it as it is perfectly balanced a Bokuto

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